Curiosity and a hunger for knowledge are arguably the primary human characteristics that define us as a species and have driven us from prehistoric cave-dwellers to space-travelers. This journey has been arduous, full of challenges and risk, but innovation and creative thinking have persevered and continue to do so today. Modern science now enables us to gather and study data from our universe at a rate and in volumes that were hitherto impossible. This data will help us understand many of humanities unsolved mysteries, from the origin of the universe to the make-up of the physical world. But gathering enormous amounts of data is one challenge, being able to work that data and turn it into something of scientific value, is quite another. This is where Micron’s expertise and workforce of innovative thinkers will enable leaders in research and academia.

Two such big science leaders are CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and SKA, the Square Kilometer Array.

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