CERN openlab summer students present online “lightning talks”

openlab summer students

On Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 September, the 2022 CERN openlab summer students will present their work at the public “lightning talk” sessions (session 1, session 2)

Students will each give a five-minute presentation, introducing the audience to their project, explaining the technical challenges they have faced and describing the results they have found during their projects. Each student will have the opportunity to showcase their progress while also informing the audience about different cutting-edge IT projects they have been working on.

This year marked the first in-person openlab Summer Student programme since the start of the pandemic, with students returning to the openlab corridor once again. Since some of the students will not physically be at CERN at the time of the Lightning Talks, the decision for the presentations to remain online was to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to present in front of their peers and the wider CERN community.

Over nine weeks (June-September) the CERN openlab summer students have been working with some of the latest hardware and software technologies. 32 students representing 19 nationalities were part of this year’s openlab Summer Student Programme. During their time at CERN, the summer students, alongside working on their projects, attended a series of lectures given by IT experts on advanced CERN-related computing topics.

Join us on 14 and 15 September to discover more about the exciting projects the students have been working on. The presentations are free and open to everyone at CERN. Enrica Porcari, Head of IT, will give an introductory talk at the start of the first session. On 14 September, the presentations will start at 15:00 and finish by 17:15 CEST, and on 15 September the presentations will start at 15:30 and finish by 17:45 CEST.

You can follow the live webcasts by following the links below:

Session 1
Session 2