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CERN openlab undertakes significant outreach activities in support of its technical work, with project results presented at a wide range of major international conferences. Below you can find our latest annual reports, technical documents, presentations, member case studies, press coverage, and videos. You can also find our 2017 whitepaper on future ICT challenges in scientific research here.

Technical documents

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CERN Quantum Technology Initiative Strategy and Roadmap

Quantum technologies have the potential to revolutionise science and society as early as the next five to ten years but require resources that are not mainstream today.

Higgs analysis with quantum classifiers

We have developed two quantum classifier models for the ttH¯ (bb¯) classification problem, both of which fall into the category of hybrid quantumclassical algorithms for Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum devices (NISQ).

On a poset of quantum exact promise problems

Two of the most well-known quantum algorithms, those introduced by Deutsch–Jozsa and Bernstein–Vazirani, can solve promise problems with just one function query, showing an oracular separation with deterministic classical algorithms.

Dual-Parameterized Quantum Circuit GAN Model in High Energy Physics

Generative models, and Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) in particular, are being studied as possible alternatives to Monte Carlo simulations. It has been proposed that, in certain circumstances, simulation using GANs can be sped-up by using quantum GANs (qGANs).

Quantum Generative Adversarial Networks in a Continuous-Variable Architecture to Simulate High Energy Physics Detectors

Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) come into the limelight in High Energy Physics (HEP) in order to manipulate the increasing amount of data encountered in the next generation of accelerators.



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Member case studies

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New computational platform to study biological processes

Scientists have launched a unique software that is able to perform highly complex simulations of a variety of biological processes. 

IBM welcomes CERN as a new hub in the IBM Quantum Network

Particle physics is at the core of our understanding of the fundamental laws governing Nature. To shed light on the sub-atomic scale, humans engineered powerful particle accelerators that can disclose the fundamental laws governing the universe.

Introduction with CERN openlab’s Maria Girone | Intel Software Vodcast

Maria Girone gives an overview of CERN, the technologies and science behind various experiments, and an overview of what their recent interns have done using oneAPI technology.

CERN & IBM Research Exploring quantum computing for high energy physics

This is a recording of a live discussion of Alberto Di Meglio, Head of CERN openlab, with IBM considering their joint collaboration on Quantum computing.

E4 Computer Engineering, not just Hpc

High Performance Computing (HPC) refers to computing technologies used by clustered computers to have high-performance computing capabilities, using parallel computing. In fact, the best Italian expression that can be used instead of the acronym is "high performance calculation".