CTO for Storage

Luca is the Storage CTO of CERN openlab and the Leader of the Physics Data Services section within the Storage and Data Management group in the IT department at CERN.

Luca is a senior computing engineer with extended experience in large-scale distributed storage systems and distributed computing. He joined CERN as a storage engineer and service manager in 2011, after receiving a master degree in computing engineering with a specialisation in the optimisation of complex systems at the Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano), Milan, Italy.

He worked at CERN in the Storage group for many years with multiple storage technologies, developing tools and procedures to integrate and automate storage services int the CERN-IT environment.  Luca was in charge of operating and supporting the storage and file system services for CERN and the Worldwide LHC Computing, ensuring smooth, reliable and secure operations of these critical storage services.

He was Service Manager and member of multiple storage service operations team (EOS, CASTOR, Ceph, CERNBox, XRootD, HADOOP, NetApp, NFS and other), responsible for the design, review and constant improvement of operational procedures and for the lifecycle of all the hardware and software components.

Luca is now leading around 16 Engineers in the Physics Data Services section, experts in data storage and transfers protocols and services. Luca manages the activities of multiple large-scale storage systems, high-performance transfer protocol and distributed transfer services, namely EOS, XRootD, FTS, Davix and Gfal. He is the coordinator of service development, responsible for the storage capacity planning and disk storage operations.

Over the years Luca was the initiator of several collaborations on storage and transfers technologies with external institutions: FERMILab (Chicago, US), JINR (Dubna, RU), Kurchatov Institute (Moscow, RU), European Commission Joint Research Centre – JRC (Ispra, IT), IHEP (Beijing, CN), AARNet (Australia), INFN Trieste (Trieste, IT), Comtrade 360 (Ljubljana, SL) and others.

Luca Mascetti