The 2023 CERN openlab summer student programme is underway – don't miss our lectures on exciting computing topics!

summer students 2022

Almost all summer students have arrived for the 2023 CERN openlab Summer Student Programme. A set of special lectures begins on Monday 4 July. Given by CERN experts, these lectures will cover a diverse range of topics, including exascale supercomputing, technologies related to artificial intelligence, and quantum computing. Tune in for the live stream via the CERN Webcast website and the CERN Lectures YouTube channel.

Education and dissemination are at the heart of CERN openlab’s mission. To help train the computing experts of tomorrow, CERN openlab opens its doors for bright new minds. Out of 1880 applicants, 30 students from 21 countries have been chosen to work on different computing projects. Nine weeks of hands-on experience with cutting-edge computing technologies creates auspicious conditions for the students’ future careers. 

Anyone interested in learning about different aspects of computing at CERN is welcome to attend the free and open programme of online lectures. The complete list of topics can be found here.

Lecture attendees can find out how CERN sifts through extremely large data volumes that come from particle collisions in the LHC, which techniques are being employed to optimise data flows, what innovative solutions are being explored to address the enormous computing challenges posed by the upcoming High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider, and much, much more!